How to choose an effective domain name for your website

Choosing the right domain name is a step that cannot be separated from the search for your business name. Imagine, you find the perfect name for your project, but all the domain names related to this name are unavailable. Worse, you are told that this one is available, for 25 000€ (this is the case for the majority of domain names with a single word .com). In these cases, a little brainstorming to find a viable alternative, natural for your company name, harmonious and memorable for your visitors.

There are methods and guidelines to help you choose your ideal domain name. For example, you can research keywords to incorporate into your content, use a name generator to come up with ideas, and use a few important criteria to make your final decision.

Why take the time to think about a domain name?

The domain name of your site is its home address on the Internet. And while it is not the most important factor in the success of a web project, there are many reasons to choose your domain name carefully:

A unique and memorable name is more likely to be remembered by visitors and thus encourage them to return.
Your domain name can quickly give an idea of what your site is about, to new visitors or people who would arrive via a search engine.
Changing your www address after the creation of an existing site can lead to major complications for your business; therefore the possibility of losing all your web traffic if you don’t know enough about it.
These can have some impact on SEO (search engine optimization).

Certainly, web addresses have a major impact on your branding. Choosing the right domain name should therefore be a serious and thoughtful step. A careful process for which you will need to consider all possible options before buying the lucky one.

What else do you need to know before you start?

There are no hard and fast rules: the choice of a domain name is subjective and organic and does not follow from an exact science. In this sense, the thought process to arrive at the selection of the domain name VS the process to arrive at the address does not follow from fixed rules and was not necessarily chosen for the same reasons. It is the same for a company name.

There are many ways to start your search. If your business name is an original word that doesn’t really exist in the common language, you should have no problem reserving your address But if it’s not, you’ll have to get your head around it and explore the possibilities.

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